Aloe for Kids

flp-aloe-kidsAloe for kids?
Mothers always wonder how soon and in what cases Aloe vera can be given to kids. For me this was not particularly difficult decision to make.
Here is my son, Kacper, who just turned 10 months – his daily routine is a bottle of water with Aloe Vera Gel with pieces of peaches and tablet of natural vitamins combined with minerals.
When I introduced vegetables and fruits into his diet, it automatically appeared Forever Aloe Bits N ‘Peaches, delicious aloe juice, prepared specially for kids, the best “vegetable” we can offer to our kids. With a set of 10 minerals, a wide variety of vitamins, whole battery of B vitamins, including B12, a very important folic acid, enzymes and number of polysaccharides – Aloe vera is a very effective way to build a strong immune system in children.
Since Forever Aloe Bits N ‘Peaches is dense, full of pulp and pieces of peaches, I process it in the blender thoroughly, pour through a strainer, and then I’m sure that Kacper will benefit from everything that Aloe vera has to offer, although still drinking from a baby bottle.
I also add to his drinks a pill of Forever Kids – minerals and vitamins combined with phytonutrients. I used to crush pills before, but it is unnecessary, the tablet dissolves completely before he finishes his bottle of this aloe juice. Why do I supplement him with vitamins and minerals? – That’s for another time.

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