Traffic-free Nutrient Superhighway – Arginine Supplement

ARGI+® The Ultimate Arginine Supplement –  Your key to a traffic-free Nutrient Superhighway!

We often talk about the Nutrient Superhighway, and how essential it is for us to support the components of this important, unofficial “system” in the body. The Nutrient Superhighway carries the nutrients – the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and other co-factors and building blocks –from the foods we eat and the supplements we consume to our cells and tissues. These nutrients are then used to support the optimal functioning of our cells. In addition, the Nutrient Superhighway carries away waste products – normal byproducts of cellular metabolism – so they can be eliminated by the body. In short, the Nutrient Superhighway directly impacts our health, well-being and energy levels.


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One of the major body systems that is an essential part of the Nutrient Superhighway is the circulatory system. Without an optimally functioning circulatory system, the Nutrient Superhighway becomes like a freeway during rush hour…nutrients and waste products are hindered from going where they need to go. We feel sluggish, with low energy levels, and our cells don’t get what they need to support us through our daily, fast-paced lives.
ARGI+® L-Arginine & Vitamin Complex ( Arginine Supplement) was designed to support the circulatory system and provides high levels of Arginine – a semi- essential amino acid. We do obtain some Arginine from our diets, but not in high enough levels in many cases, especially with the modern diet being what it is. Arginine is converted into nitric oxide in our bodies, and nitric oxide, in turn, helps to relax the walls of blood vessels For example, when the walls of a hose or flexible tube are constricted, not much will flow through easily, unless there is a lot of pressure forcing it through. However, when the walls of the tube are relaxed, the result is a much easier flow, without the need for high pressure to force it through the system. This is how nitric oxide functions to support the circulatory system; it acts to relax the blood vessel walls, thereby supporting blood flow. This means nutrients are also more
readily carried to our cells, and waste products are more easily taken to their appropriate destinations to be removed from the body. Nitric oxide is so important to the function of the circulatory system that scientific research on its benefits has even received the Nobel Prize! But, is Arginine all we need? ARGI+ also provides B vitamins and Vitamins C, D and K to assist in the conversion of Arginine to nitric oxide. In addition, it includes our Proprietary Forever® Fruit Blend – a combination of polyphenols from Grape Skin, Pomegranate and Red Grape extracts, plus a blend of dark berries and fruits such as Elderberry, Raspberry and Black Currant. The polyphenols from these fruits act as antioxidants to support the health of the circulatory system, and they also support the elimination of metabolic waste by attacking free radicals that can occur during the metabolic process.

This is what sets ARGI+ apart from other Arginine supplements on the market today.
Yes, ARGI+ provides Arginine, but it also provides the vitamins and antioxidants that act as co-factors to foster the pathway of nitric oxide production and support the overall structure and function of the circulatory system!
ARGI+ Arginine Supplement is the perfect means to help carry the nutrients we need along that Nutrient Superhighway to our cells and tissues, and carry metabolic waste products away for excretion. This means better utilization of the nutrients from the foods and supplements you consume, to support your overall health and energy levels throughout every day, plus support for your overall cardiovascular system!

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