• Aloe Bee Products

    Bee Products

    Bee Products: Propolis, Royal Jelly, Honey Forever Bee products from the untouched deserts of Arizona, without fillers, antibiotics, and preservatives. Forever Bee Propolis   Propolis is a substance guard, collected and used by bees to preserve the purity of the hive. “Propolis is a gummy substance produced by bees, somewhat similar to amber,” wrote Dioscorides Pedanius – a court physician of …

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  • Blog Weight Loss

    Weight Loss Mistakes

    Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid. Each of us has an individual set of factors that cause weight gain, so the approach to weight loss …

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  • Aloe Supplement For Men And Woman

    Vitolize – Vitality Supplement

    VITOLIZE for Men and Women – Vitality Supplement ! Our Modern Lifestyle is Unhealthy! Today, more so than ever before, our bodies are suffering from unnecessary wear and tear due to our unhealthy lifestyles. Our diets, largely consisting of fast food, lack essential nutrients, while the hustle and bustle of a busy schedule leave little time for an active, health-promoting …

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  • Aloe For Animals11

    Aloe for animals

    Aloe for animals – Aloe Vera is the key to the healthy, long life of our four-legged friends. I heard about the use of Aloe vera in veterinary medicine for the first time from my grandfather, who used it in his veterinary practice. And he heard about it from my great-grandfather, who was also a veterinarian. In those days, Aloe …

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