Garlic and Thyme

flp-thyme-garlic-immune-systemGarlic and thyme, two powerful antioxidants, combine to create a great tool to help you stay healthy.
The health effects of garlic has been written in many books, including on clay tablets and papyrus discovered by archaeologists. Even in ancient times it was known that those who regularly consume garlic, are not so easily affected heart disease or bacterial infections.
Let’s eat garlic, not waiting until for first symptoms of diseases of civilization! Let’s eat it prophylactically when we fear that our resistance to various infections may not be enough. And if we have already caught something – let’s remember that garlic has long been regarded as an extremely potent bactericidal natural substance.
However, not everyone likes the smell of this plant, so Forever Living Products offers specially prepared garlic oil capsules, which dissolve only in the smallflp-garlic-immune-system (1) intestine, so that the characteristic odor is completely imperceptible!


Forever Garlic-Thyme combines garlic and thyme and their unusual properties in this extremely successful duo.

A powerful antioxidant
Odor free
It helps protect the body against free radicals
Supports the immune system, especially the respiratory tract



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