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There are two ways of purchasing Forever Living products:

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There are 2 main membership levels: Novus Customer and Distributor.
As a Novus Customer you will receive 15% discount right after registration. Signing in to your personal Forever Living account with your personal ID number will give you the privilege to save money of orders of $100 or more. Remember, no purchase required at registration.

1. Novus Customer / Starter Membership / 15% Forever Living Discounts:

Novus Customer  – free online registration, no membership fee, no obligation, no commitment – instant 15% savings and on future purchases of $100 or more. Buy directly from Forever Living, the producer and manufacturer, no third party involved. Fast and reliable shipping. Receive your 15% discount worldwide (you need to inform home office in advance which other country you want to be registered). You can make a 15% retail profit by selling the products for your customers. Register new people for free to get them access to the discounted products, and receive bonuses after their purchases.


2. Distributor / Wholesale Buyer/ 35% – 48% Forever Living Discounts:

Upgrade to the advanced membership to receive an additional from 35% – 48% Forever Living Discounts. This is:

  • For satisfied, returning customers who want to increase their savings up to 48% or 
  • For those who want to make profit and start their business by simply recommending and promoting the products. Spend over $340 on products (shipping and tax excluded) in 2 consecutive, calendar months (applies to multiple purchases as well) and advance to wholesale level. From now on you will be entitled to 35% – 48% discount. No monthly activity required, and even more: make retail profit by selling the products to your customers, or  register people under you and receive additional bonuses. Start your internet /online business by marketing the products through your personalized corporate websites and online-store.

How do you actually receive Forever Living Discounts?

Register here. Fill out the application form and wait a few minutes until you receive your personal ID number and temporary password. There is no obligation, no need to sell or distribute the products, you just buy them for your personal and family use in order to save some money. Application is free, there is nothing to lose.

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