Tattoo Care with Aloe

aloe leaf smallTattoo care with Aloe. New tattoos have special needs, and a tattoo that looks good and ages well owes much to good skin care in the first few weeks. To heal properly, it needs access to air and enough moisture to stay soft and healthy. Aloe Vera is antibacterial, reparative, and anti-inflammatory. It relieves pain and itching, and delivers moisture deep beneath the skin’s surface, while allowing skin to breathe. Aloe has a long record of external use in treating skin burns, irritations, damaged tissue, and disorders. It is high in vitamins and minerals, and commonly used to treat burn victims and to promote healing after surgery, Aloe has been proven safe and effective in treating wounds, which tattoos essentially are. With age, ink seeps into the lower layers of the skin – tattoos become more resilient and less affected by minor damage at the surface. Skin care continues to be important once a tattoo has fully healed. A tattoo that is moisturized and infection-free ages well. There’s reason why Aloe is perfect to use on an older tattoo especially: to keep skin healthy. In addition to providing moisture and protecting skin from infection, Aloe can be used to soothe persistent mild irritation which can result when some inks are exposed to sunlight.

Experts agree: Aloe reduces scarring.

tattoo_serumAloe is widely recommended as a treatment to reduce tattoo scarring. Scarring can result from complications during the healing process.Using Aloe on scars can reduce their severity as well as the likelihood of infection and further skin damage. With regular use, the surface of the skin will become more even and better prepared for any touch-up work necessary.

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January 28th, 2013
Marzena Sroka,
Nutrition, Health and Diet Specialist
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